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  • Day in tribute to Etienne Guyon

    On April 22, we organized a day in honor of Etienne Guyon who left us last summer. The day was recorded by Adam Guyon, in two parts: Morning: link Afternoon: link
  • François Frenkiel Award 2023

    Congratulations to Aliénor Rivière, Stéphane Perrard and their coauthors, recipients of the François Frenkiel Award for their paper “Capillary driven fragmentation of large gas bubbles in turbulence” (link). Aliénor Rivière gave the associated talk in (...)

  • PRL editors’ suggestion about wave resonant absorption

    Perfect Resonant Absorption of Guided Water Waves by Autler-Townes Splitting L.-P. Euvé, K. Pham, R. Porter, P. Petitjeans, V. Pagneux, and A. Maurel Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 204002 (2023) – Published 17 November 2023 Focus: Vanishing Act for Water (...)

  • Étienne Guyon

    Superconductivity, superfluidity, liquid crystals, hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence, porous media, granular systems and others are the themes on which the French physicist Étienne Guyon, who died on July 12 at the age of 88, made major (...)

  • Sylvain Patinet, CNRS Bronze medal 2023

    Sylvain Patinet, CNRS research scientist at PMMH, a specialist in multi-scale modeling of amorphous materials, has just received the bronze medal of the CNRS. Congratulations! Read the press release from ESPCI Paris: (...)

  • Day in honor of Jose Eduardo Wesfreid March 27, 2023

    On March 27, there will be a daylong workshop in honor of Jose Eduardo Wesfreid at Sorbonne University. We will begin at 9:00 in lecture hall 25 and will end with a cocktail 18:00-20:00 in the Tour Zamansky. It is necessary to register via email (...)

  • Prix Holweck 2022

    Congratulations Bruno Andreotti and Philippe Claudin! Recipients of the Holweck Prize 2022 for their work on the physics of sand dunes, rivers and clouds. Read more about it here: https://www.sfpnet.fr/bruno-andreotti-et-philippe-claudin-laureats-du-

  • New ! M2 Internships at PMMH

    Looking for a M2 Internship ? The 2023 proposal list is available ! Download the proposal list
  • Sand transport and geomorphology on the surface of Mars

    Reproducing sediment transport conditions on Mars, P. Claudin and co-workers show that at very low pressure, a new grain movement regime appears, compatible with the observations made on the Red Planet. More details
  • Whatever floats your boat

    Floating upside down on a levitating liquid layer ? A team from PMMH and Institut Langevin shows that this is possible ! More details