Inelastic rotations and pseudoturbulent plastic avalanches in crystals

R. Baggio, O. U. Salman, and L. Truskinovsky Phys. Rev. E 107, 025004 – Published 24 February 2023: link article

Plastic deformations in crystals produce microstructures with randomly oriented patches of unstressed lattice forming complex textures. We use a mesoscopic Landau-type tensorial model of crystal plasticity to show that in such textures rotations can originate from crystallographically exact microslips which self organize in the form of laminates of a pseudotwin type. The formation of such laminates can be viewed as an effective internal “wrinkling” of the crystal lattice. While such “wrinkling” disguises itself as an elastically neutral rotation, behind it is inherently dissipative, dislocation-mediated process. Our numerical experiments reveal pseudoturbulent effective rotations with power-law distributed spatial correlations which suggests that the process of dislocational self-organization is inherently unstable and points toward the necessity of a probabilistic description of crystal plasticity.


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